How reliable is the service?

Our relays are designed to operate in harsh weather conditions and all have battery backup, so in many cases, we have continued to provide a service when the local power network couldn’t.

Failures will occur and we have designed our network to maximise resilience. There is however, a trade-off between cost and reliability – we operate on the basis that our subscribers want a high level of reliability but without the high cost of complete resilience. For those customers who are looking for maximum resilience, using multiple providers will increase availability, as will generators etc. Not all customers wish to pay for this level of availability, so we’ve aimed for sensible/attainable levels.

There will be occasional interruptions to service, either due to equipment failures, to install new equipment or maintenance. We normally try to carry out routine network maintenance overnight, however physical changes will happen during daylight hours. We try to notify users of the time slots when significant interruptions may occur.

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