Sky Q, Sonos and other ‘mesh’ services

Sky-Q, Sonos and some other devices have their own built in WiFi network that allows them to 'mesh' together, so one device can pass media to another, without having to use your local home network or cables. Sounds good on paper. The reality, is that they do this by using a private WiFi network, [...]

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Need Expert IT Help

Contact Borders Online for private work to set up your WiFi or Network systems. Borders Online provides general IT consultancy services around systems and networks, along with more bespoke solutions. You can get more information at:

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Checking Data Usage

Your data usage is recorded over a rolling 30-day period. To keep within the data limit you can regularly check your usage by going to: Bookmark this link in your browser to make checking easier. If you go over your data limit your speeds will automatically be reduced until you drop below the [...]

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Wi-Fi Password

Your router comes with a Wifi Password which is shown on the router label. To change the password, please contact our support line stating the new password you would like and emailing it to: We will then update your password remotely, please note this down for ease of use.

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Slow or limited WiFi coverage

Wifi speeds and coverage are affected by many factors outside our control, particularly in large houses or ones with thick walls. In addition, trying to connect 10 or more devices to a single WiFi router is likely to degrade performance. If you want to extend your WiFi around your house, the best option is [...]

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Reporting faults

The best way to report a fault is via email as it will go straight into our ticket system and gives us an easy way to get back to you: However, if you have no internet and can't send an email, you can also use the following: Telephone: 0131 564 0086 – leave [...]

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No Connection

Check that the router is powered on (lights should be on); there is a green or red light showing for the port where the antenna is connected; if you have a black PoE injector box, it's also plugged in and switched on (usually there is a small white light on it); all of the [...]

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Slow connection

If you are running two broadband connections check in the settings menu of your phone/tablet/laptop that you are connected to Borders Online and not to your secondary connection. Our network may be affected by congestion during peak periods, especially if you are trying to view High Definition or Ultra-High Definition streams or files. Switch [...]

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Speed Tests

When testing your broadband speeds, this should always be done when connected to your router using the Ethernet cable. If you do not do this, the test is primarily a test of the performance of your WiFi connection, which is usually much slower than a direct Ethernet connection.

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General warning

Borders Online (like other internet services) operates on a “best endeavours” basis. Please bear in mind that broadband networks are complex and prone to failure. We do our best to make our network as resilient as possible at a reasonable cost. However, if your internet connection is vital, then ensure that you have a [...]

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