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Fibre Tariffs

Powering Rural Community Broadband in the Scottish Borders.

Fibre To The Premises

In areas where Openreach can offer ‘Fibre To The Premises’ services, we can now offer a Borders Online fibre connection. Openreach will come and physically install the fibre connection, but the service will be offered through Borders Online and if you are an existing Borders Online customer, you will be able to keep your existing IP address, and even keep the original wireless antenna to act as a backup connection to the internet.

Fibre Services

Setup Costs

  • Unlike our Wireless service offerings, Openreach will do the physical installation of the fibre and Borders Online will just provide the router.
  • For existing Borders Online customers, there is an installation cost of £60 incl VAT.
  • For new customers, the installation cost is £120 incl VAT.


  • New fibre customer installations do not include a wireless backup link. If you wish to get both services from us on a new installation, please get in touch to discuss whether it’s possible, and what the cost will be.
  • All fibre installations are subject to Openreach ‘Excess Construction Costs’. When an order is placed, Openreach will perform a survey to see what the cost is to connect the property. If it’s more than their ‘nominal’ included installation cost, any extra cost will need to be covered by the customer. Before proceeding, Openreach will ask for the excess costs to be agreed, so you won’t just end up with a bill for an unknown amount.
  • If Openreach decide there are no ‘excess construction costs’, the installation will proceed without further acceptance by the customer – so please don’t assume that you will always get a chance to cancel after you have placed the order.
  • All contracts for FTTP are for a minimum of 12 months. While we may have had discretion to not charge early termination fees on our own network connections, you will be liable for any early termination fees on fibre connections as they will be to a third party supplier.

How to Request a New Connection

To request a connection from Borders Online, please click here. One of the team will then be in touch to start the process of checking whether we think we can provide a service to you, and will be able to answer any other questions you may have about the service.


Borders Online payments are taken by Direct Debit using the secure online company GoCardless – a BACS approved bureau, FCA authorised institution which makes payments quick and simple for you. All bank details are stored with RSA encryption.

Once you sign up for our service, we will send you an email asking you to sign up for a GoCardless mandate. The initial setup charge will be taken after your connection is installed and is working. Monthly payments are billed at the beginning of each month and are normally taken within the first week of the month.

For any queries about bills or payments please contact us.

Fibre Traffic Allowances

Fibre services are not subject to our normal traffic allowances used on wireless connections.