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Home/Office WiFi

All IT equipment is designed to a budget; the router we supply is suitable for most normal sized houses, but will struggle with larger or more demanding environments. As the maximum WiFi signal strength is limited by UK regulations, even a very high priced router may not cover every room in a property. This is especially so if the walls are thick stone, or newer foil lined plasterboard.

Our general advice when installing our service, is to locate the router as close to the point where it’s going to be used most heavily – which in a residential property is normally the living room or where you have the TV.

To extend the WiFi coverage around your house further needs some planning and probably investment.

The options in order of cost are:

Our Services

Borders Online offers a service to install and configure additional WiFi access points. We can install the extra cabling as required and provide the access points, however if you wish, you can run the cable yourself or use your own contractor to do the cabling (electricians will normally run data cables). In fact it’s easier for us if you do get someone in to run them – not really our favourite job, and we are often busy looking after the network so struggle to make time for long home visits. If you aren’t happy with putting ends on the cables, don’t worry – we’ve had plenty of practice and have the tools and testers to make easy work of it.

There are a selection of WiFi access points we use and will be happy to recommend and even loan test units if need be. We can even offer outdoor rated WiFi access points for gardens, garages, decking, pools and the like.