Setup and Installation

The setup of our service requires the installation of an antenna on the outside of your house with line of sight to one of our relays or repeaters. Our current standard antenna is a Ubiquiti NanoBeam – pictured below – which is 190 mm (7.5 in) in diameter and which is mounted on a small J-bracket.

For properties that are more than 2 km from a relay we may use a larger dish antenna up to 400 mm in diameter. The majority of our antenna are much smaller than a standard satellite dish; the only exceptions are for those people who are a long distance from a mast, or where there are obstructions to the signal that require a larger dish to deal with the signal loss.

A single Ethernet cable is run from the antenna into the house, which carries both the signal and power. The antenna operates at 24V and the power demand is less than 8W so all low voltage. In most cases, the cable connects directly to the router, although for longer cable runs, we may use a separate small black Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector to deal with any loss on the cable. The router is usually a MikroTik RB-951 or hAP AC Lite, which provides a WiFi signal inside your house.

NanoBeam 5AC-19 antenna

Mikrotik RB-951 router

In most cases, we can usually tell whether we can provide you a service without a site visit. However, if we arrive and find we can’t connect you there and then, you won’t be charged for the visit. Our installation charge covers the physical location and configuration of the equipment, which normally takes about an hour. We require access to your property to complete and test the installation. If you want us to route the cable internally through lofts or the like, you need to know how to get a cable around your house and have draw cables/cords in place. Our standard installation costs don’t cover complex cabling requirements.

If our service is being installed at a number of properties in a terrace or steading at the same time, then we may be able to offer a discount on the installation cost – please contact us for further information.