Borders Online covers primarily the northern part of the Scottish Borders, into bits of South Lanarkshire and the Lothians. This image gives an idea of the current coverage area, although as we are constantly working with communities to extend the network, please get in touch if you are 'almost' in the coverage area.

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Borders Online was formed in 2019 through the combination of ‘Stobo Dawyck Community Network’ and ‘Heriot Community Broadband’; each of which had been operating successfully for around 5 years. The decision to merge the two networks was taken to reduce the duplication of service and support functions and to allow the combined network to grow. The two networks were already closely aligned, with many people helping out both groups and a number of masts that served customers in both areas; the decision to bring everything into one network was a natural progression.

The ethos of Borders Online is to grow and support our existing community networks, and also to use our expertise and experience to enable other community groups to establish their own coverage areas through partnership or wholesale style agreements. By pooling resources and technical expertise with Borders Online, individual communities can contribute to the overall management of the network, without each individual community needing to have someone familiar with every specific discipline.

Borders Online provides the overall network expertise; from consultancy and design to monitoring and maintenance. In addition, we also provide expertise and consultancy with Servers, Storage, Telephony, Desktop support and Project Management.