Gigabit Ultrafast Fibre Broadband

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) 

Borders Online can now offer a Fibre to The Premises service in areas currently served by Openreach. The ongoing service will be provided by Borders Online through a third party. There are various residential tariffs to suit all requirements as well as business tariffs for commercial properties, with speeds of 100 - 900 Mbps download and 20 - 100 Mbps upload. Commercial properties need to take out a business tariff which also offers a faster response time by Openreach to fix faults.

Minimum Contract Term 12 Months plus 30 days notice of termination – Please note if you move to a new house and the service cannot be transferred to the new house, Openreach will apply an early termination fee, which will be chargeable to you. This includes current Borders Online customers who will need to take out a new 12 Month Contract for FTTP.

Contact us to request the service. The fibre connection is done by Openreach and currently there is about a 3 week lead time before installation. Once the fibre is installed Borders Online set up the connection to work with our netwok.

Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme (SBVS)

Properties that are able to be supplied by an FTTP service are not eligible for vouchers from the current scheme. If your property is listed as being eligible for a voucher, yet can get FTTP, any attempt to claim the voucher will be voided.

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