08 Apr

The Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme is the result of the government's R100 project to get superfast broadband to the whole of Scotland. Vouchers are now available for properties who are not due to get superfast speeds in the near term, with values ranging from £400 to £5000 depending on how long the wait is likely to be.

Borders Online can now process SBVS vouchers, to be set against the installation costs incurred on new installs - meaning we can hopefully get you superfast broadband much sooner than you thought. Please check the Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme website to check the eligibility of your property.

This doesn't mean we can magically extend our network to places that are well beyond our existing coverage area, but if there are a group of properties that are eligible and interested, it does open up extra possibilities.

Check the SBVS website for full details and check our coverage map to see if we are able to get a service to you. If you are well outside of our existing coverage area, it's likely we can't help, but we may be able to point you at other providers who may be operating in that area.